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Tiny package size with complete features, only needs amazing 1.5 MB

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Speed up your battery charging and shorten charge time by 20% on average

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Minimize battery consumption and extends battery life over 60%

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Customize battery saver to personalize your own saving mode

Remaining Time

Based on authoritative papers algorithm, accurately tells how long battery will last under a variety of situations (watching video, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on or off, etc.) and power consumption that all apps drain.

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Power Saver & Monitor

Monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps.

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Charging Booster

Speed up your battery charging, preventing overcharge or undercharge when charging in short bursts.

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Memory Manager

Memory booster and optimizer accelerate the speed of your device. Optimize and clean your smart device, make it running smoothly.

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