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Review Of Network Master – Speed Test By Lionmobi: A Must Have App For Android Users

2017-04-07 top10wala.in

Having a secure and fast network is essential as air, water, and food. There are tons of applications for Smartphones, but one that needs a permanent spot is Network Master – Speed Test. It is a new app recently launched by a successful app development firm LionMobi which showcase a variety of features related to securing your wifi, increasing network speed for important apps and much more. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Below are some of its key features.

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Sử dụng Power Clean, ứng dụng quản lý pin, dọn rác, xem người dùng wifi ... trên điện thoại

2017-04-07 9mobi.vn

Một thủ thuật giúp có thể dễ dàng dọn rác thiết bị cũng như quản lý pin Andrid, iPhone đó chính là sử dụng Power Clean, với ứng dụng Power Clean chúng ta còn có thể dễ dàng xem, kiểm tra người dùng Wifi mà ta đang kết nối hay còn nhiều tính năng thú vị đang chờ bạn khám phá, hãy cùng 9Mobi.vn tìm hiểu thêm về ứng dụng Power Clean cho Android, iPhone này nhé.

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Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner App Review

2017-03-31 gazettereview.com

In most cases, owning a smartphone is much more convenient than owning a computer. There’s much less maintenance involved, mostly just due to how the smartphone was designed in the first place. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be performing any kind of maintenance on your smartphone at all. If you neglect your smartphone, you may encounter lower battery life. You may have less storage than you should have. Your phone in general may run slower than it has before. In order to keep your smartphone running in tip top shape, it’s important to delete apps or files that you don’t use. It’s important to carefully monitor which apps are most resource-draining. It’s important, basically, to make sure that everything is in working order, without being bogged down by redundant processes or applications. That can still be difficult work for one person to all manage manually, though.

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Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery With Power Battery - Battery Saver

2017-03-24 techgyd.com

Does your smartphone’s battery drains faster? Or you want your phone’s power to last longer? Well, I think it’s every person’s wish that their phone’s battery lasts longer so that they don’t need to charge it frequently and they can play games, watch movies, surf internet etc. without any trouble.

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Power Clean – Junk Cleaner and Space Booster for Android & iOS

2017-02-22 allusefulinfo.com

With more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store, does this needs an introduction? Did it ever happen to you like your phone is slowing down, and unexpected termination occur while running any game or an application? This mainly happens due to too many background processes running on your memory, making your device slow and causing phone crashes and heats up.

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Maximize Your Network Speed & Security with Network Master

2017-02-13 techgyd.com

Do you suffer from a bad and very slow speed of internet over your phone? Do you want to know if the WiFi or Hotspot network you’re using is safe or not? If yes, then here is the all-in-one solution for all these problems.

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App Review: Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner For Android & iPhone

2017-01-18 top10wala.in

We all have heaps of unwanted and cluttered data stored on our smartphones. With the constant information that takes the form of videos, applications, internet data, emails and a whole lot more being poured into our devices 24/7, cleaning memory on a regular basis can not only prove to be infuriating but also time-consuming. Luckily, there are thousands of apps available out there, some better than others that automatically clean up ‘smart’devices, making things very easy and convenient for users. However, not all of these apps are as efficient and even relevant as advertised on their description pages.

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7 Most Important Features You Require In A Device Optimizer App

2017-01-18 engadget.com

device's deteriorating slow performance. Be it any device of any manufacturer or model, millions of smartphone users out there experience this on a daily basis. It is precisely the reason there are thousands of applications available for download that claim to improve device performance by tailoring/manipulating features as per usage. Believe it or not, the demand for such apps is increasing at a faster rate than ever.

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Power Battery Battery Saver by LionMobi – App Review

2017-01-16 gazettereview.com

As we’ve gotten more and more apps on our smartphones, many of us have realized that our batteries simply can’t keep up. Worse yet, sometimes the batteries can overheat and cause plenty of technical issues. What can we do to help ease this burden? Paradoxically, we may be able to download an app to help our batteries last longer. Here, we take a look at Power Battery, made by LionMobi.

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Network Master Android App Review

2016-12-23 gazettereview.com

Network Master is an Android app from LIONMOBI that serves a lot of different purposes. To begin with, it can help you easily monitor your network speed, security, and usage. Whether you’re looking to browse the Internet a little faster or closely monitor how you spend your 4G data, Network Master will help you do it. Outside of those uses, this app will also help you monitor CPU and memory usage, as well as easily convert your Android smartphone into a portable wireless Internet hotspot. Although there are plenty of Android apps out there that serve a similar purpose, I think that Network Master is one of the few of them that bundles all of those utilities together.

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10 Must Have Features In A Battery Saving App That Power Battery Provides

2016-12-07 engadget.com

You, me or anybody else who uses Smartphones are tired of charging the battery again and again. We forget to close heavy applications almost every time, which results in battery drainage. Fortunately, intelligent coders have developed Battery Saving Apps, which keeps monitoring the health of our mobile battery and take appropriate actions to make it long last. DU Battery, Power Battery, Battery Doctor are some of the most popular Android apps in this category. I have tried all and finally made my mind to stick with Power Battery because of it is easy-to-use and provides many handy features.

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Power Battery App Review – Features That Made It One Of The Most Installed App In Its Category

2016-12-07 top10wala.in

The battery of smartphone dries faster than you think. A regular user has no idea how they drain so quickly. Usually, we left most of the battery consuming apps open in the background, even though there is no need for that app or feature. For people like me and many others, Battery Saving apps are necessary. They are developed to help an average mind understand how battery drains up so fast and how to save the battery of their smartphone.

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How To Optimize, Clean & Speed Up Your Android Device

2016-12-02 techgyd

When did you purchase your Android smartphone or tablet? You think your phone’s performance has decreased? You feel its battery drains faster now? It has heating problem? It hangs too?

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Network Master – Speed Test App Review

2016-11-27 thetechhacker

Network security is one of the most important things in this technology era. Everyone is connected to the internet and has been exposed to potential threats day by day. Especially while having some free data with Public hotspots or Airport Wife’s, the network security is at its dead end. So, before having some fun with such free internet access spots, you should better have a second check at its security and trust. For this, there are numerous apps available on the play store that claims to be protecting your network access but not actually does.

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App Review: Network Master - Speed Test

2016-10-25 androidheadlines

Considering that the network connection we get to our smartphones are perhaps the biggest factor in how quickly videos load as well as how quickly we can download and install apps and games, it’s no wonder there are apps like Network Master available. This is an Android app that allows users on Android to check and see how good their connection over both cellular and WiFi connections is as well as see if there are any phishing or data sniffing scans going on near them. A great way to boost your network speed as well as see if there are other devices on the network using too much bandwidth your phone could be using, Network Master is a good app to have installed. It also helps to boost battery life as well as keep your phone clean and running smoothly.

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Best App To Optimize Your Android Phone

2016-05-23 androidcrush

Power Clean is an Android optimizing app from the mobile app developer LionMobi, that clear all the junk files, caches, temporary files and boost the random access memory (RAM) of your smartphone. Apart from that, it also helps you to cool down your smartphone’s CPU and play a significant role in the heating issues. Further, you could uninstall or backup the installed applications with this app.

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Why You Should Use It For Extended Battery Life?

2016-05-23 androidcrush

Power Battery is one android battery extender or saving the application. Through this app, you can optimize your Android smartphone for better battery juice flow. Basically, this app terminates the background apps and services to keep up the overclocking line down and this increase battery life. It also turns off the cell killing services like WiFi, GPS, Location and many others.

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Power Battery - Battery Saver App Review

2016-04-29 thetechhacker

Power Battery - Battery Saver app is a battery friend that makes your battery drain as lower as possible. As per the developers, the app can boost your battery upto 60% than the normal lifetime. This looks promising as most of the other battery saver apps not delivering this much of battery boost. The Power battery optimizes the performance of your smartphone to use only a small amount of data. The background tasks will be killed by the app automatically to ensure the battery outputs maximum performance.

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Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner

2016-04-23 AndroidHeadlines

Power Clean is an Android app that wants to help people clean up their devices by taking back storage space from hungry app caches, uninstalling apps, moving apps to the SD card, removing duplicate pictures and more. Power Clean offers users a way of speeding up their device, as well as a way of finding out more about their device, boosting games before playing and a whole lot more. As a CPU cleaner, RAM cleaner, app manager and more, Power Clean has oodles of features on offer

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Power Clean always help you clean and speed up your phone

2016-03-14 Android Green

Power Clean is an Android Application that first, as it will execute show information, percentages and quite clearly, on the state of our RAM, internal storage and temperature of our device.

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Power Battery - Battery Saver

2016-02-04 AndroidHeadlines

Power Battery is an Android app that aims to give users 60% more battery life out of their smartphones. It does this by giving users information on which apps are consuming the most battery and giving them options to cut these down permanently or to generate a temporary boost in battery life. Then there are also profiles that users can use to extend their battery life depending on what time it is or how much battery life is left, and all parameters can be changed by the users themselves. With the ability to boost charging speed, offer up accurate info about the remaining battery life left and more, Power Battery sure looks to be a fully-feature battery app, and it’s been downloaded over 5 Million times.

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Extend your devices life

2016-01-25 e-zone

Android phone has become seriously slow with almost no space after a long time using, and then Power Clean and Power Battery for Android is the solution to all your problems. It is a way to make your Android phone or tab to run like new.

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Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner for Android

2016-01-25 Free Downloads

Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner is one of the many apps that we now find available to improve the status of our devices, there is an ever increasing number of users who want to look after their mobiles well for the purpose of enjoying much more time with them.

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Who's the most magical phone cleaner?

2016-01-19 Free Apps

Android phones slow down with usage. Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner born for helping you deal that problem. It features a junk cleaner, memory booster, device optimizer, and app manager to improve the working efficiency of your device.

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The best cleaner that your phone deserve - Power Clean

2016-01-03 tapscape

Power Clean is just 2.0 MB, but it performs all the cleanup needs of Android devices. Such as junk files, boosts memory, optimizes the device, and even helps manage apps, plus a few additional features.

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Power Clean for Optimizing your phone

2015-07-15 App Tag it

Power Clean is a very compact Android device cleaner and booster. It deletes junk files, boosts memory, optimizes the device, and even helps manage apps, plus a few additional features.

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A Must Have Cleaner App For Android Users - Power Clean

2015-07-15 APPSREAD

Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner for Android helps you free up storage, boost RAM, remove or disable unnecessary apps, lock apps, boost games and get your device running again like when it was new.

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Enhance efficiency of your phone with Power Clean

2015-07-14 UpToMark

Power clean is a fast, small and completely free of cost app. It enables the users to clean and boost up the speed of the phone. It serves several functions to the people, for instance, frees up the storage, removes unnecessary Apps, strengthen the privacy of the device and make it work just the way it was new.

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Clean and boost up your Android phone and devices with Power Clean

2015-07-14 FreeAndroidApps

Power Clean is a completely free of cost, the smallest and fastest app that help you clean your device.

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Improve the efficiency and storage capacity of your Android phone with Power Clean

2015-07-14 TopBestFreeApps

Power Clean is a fast, totally free of cost and small app allowing the Android users to use it as a device booster and cleaner. By using this app, the users are allowed to get the storage free, improve the privacy, lock the apps, boost up the RAM, disable or uninstall the unnecessary apps and get the device running like as if it is a new device that you just bought from market.

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Free, Fast, Small & Green Cleaner for Improving Android Phone's Performance

2015-07-14 AppsTimes

Power Clean is a junk cleaner app, small in footprint, has clean interface and totally free. Also Features Memory Booster, Device Optimizer, App Manager, App Locker and Privacy Protector.

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Power Clean can make your device run quicker in a flash.

2015-07-14 softonic

Power Clean is an Android optimizer and memory cleaning utility that makes it easy to rid your phone or tablet of unneeded files, freeing up previous space and boosting device RAM to make things run more smoothly.

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One-Tap solution to optimize your smartphone - Power Clean

2015-07-14 android world

If you install many apps in your Android device, they may collect a lot of extra data that you don't need. Caches, irrelevant APKs, residual files and histories may clog your system running quickly and raise valuable space on your system. Power Clean can help you to solve this problem with a simple operation.

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Keep a clean phone with Power Clean

2015-07-09 App Review CENTRAL

Keeping your Android phone clean and fast is very important. I have tried a number of cleaner but I really like the options and settings that Power Clean provides Android users.

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Get your Android running in ship-shape by dumping junk files and optimizing

2015-07-09 appszoom

Have you noticed that your Android simply isn't quite itself lately? Poor thing's probably clogged up with junk, a tool like Power Clean - Optimize & Clean can help you out in mere seconds.

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Power Clean helps free up memory and storage on your Android device

2015-03-31 Android Community

A new Android app called Power Clean claims that it will only cost you 1 or 2 megabytes but will help free up memory and storage and improve your smartphone or tablet's performance all in all.

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Time to Clean Up Your phone with Power Clean

2015-03-17 state of TECH

Power Clean was designed to free up storage, clean memory usage, and remove/disable unnecessary apps on your Android devices. Do you feel like your Android device is performing sluggishly?

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Easy way to Keep your device running smooth and fast with Power Clean

2015-03-16 Android Guys

Is your device running slow? Or perhaps it's getting clogged up and you're running low on storage? Power Clean contains all the utilities you need in one app to get your device feeling brand new again.

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One minute to speed up your phone

2015-03-01 pandaapp

Different apps collect a lot of extra data that you don't need. Power Clean help you to solve this problem with a simple operation. Caches, irrelevant APKs, residual files and histories may clog your system running quickly and raise valuable space on your system.

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Power Clean - Best Optimize Cleaner App for your Smartphone

2014-12-27 TechTricksWorld

Android phone is not running smoothly and overall performance has been degraded then stop worrying because there is a doctor in town which can fix all the performance related issues of your phone.

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Power Clean - Best Optimize Cleaner App for your Smartphone

2014-12-27 softonic

Ever get the feeling your Android phone or tablet is running much slower than it should do? Install Power Clean and you can make your device run quicker in a flash.

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Power Clean - Optimize & Clean

2014-11-14 AndroidHeadlines

There are tens and tens of these apps available in the Play Store, but what about a cleaner app that promises to be simple, free of ads and as easy to use as possible? if that has you interested then you might want to keep on reading.

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Power Clean - Optimize Cleaner-Review

2014-11-04 thetechhacker

The Google Play store is already flooded with ton on Android cleaning apps. If you are looking for a simple, free and standalone Android performance improvement tool Power Clean is a suggestion for you.

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