Lionmobi Holding Limited is a high-technology company whose main business is Android app open up and supporting. The company focuses on developing android client-side of across channels, possesses all the ability of developing mobile internet technology and with broad experience like iOS, Android, Windows channels.

Company boasts a powerful team both good at technical service and sales, which is also diligent, innovating and dedicated. "Total devotion, the quality dedicated" is our idea. The service concept is always user first, with this concept in mind. Lionmobi has formulated a set of strict, standard and practical management methods and mature management rules by investing enormous manpower and finance. Meanwhile the group of high-quality and high-level professional team and comprehensive, complete service system, ensure the stable, safe, efficient about the operation of the enterprise.

Looking into the future, the company continues to consolidate its role by offering high-quality products and standards to our user, also optimizes the systematic management. It will embrace the market with a ground new attitude and reward society by innovative service, in an effort to become one of the best technology companies of the world.